Who is Pilixo?

We Took 'What If' and Turned it into 'We Did.'

Pilixo is an innovator in creating software tools and applications targeted to the MSP and MSSP markets to improve their customer service and creating added revenue opportunities for them. The Pilixo team, who successfully built Kaseya into a leading supplier to MSPs, is back with technologically superior products and price points that are less than half that of the competition.

Our product lineup includes Remote Access, Remote Support, Employee Monitoring and Phishing Prevention.


Remote Control Software built on an HTML5 Platform. The Fastest, Most Flexible and Affordable Remote Control.


Securely connect to computers in any location with any browser to, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems.


Detect Insider Threats and Improve Data Security to Meet Strict Compliance Requirements and employee productivity applications.


Stop multi-vector phishing attacks with our endpoint protection platform and phishing analysis management console.

Improve your bottom line and your customer service with Pilixo

Meet The Team

Gerald Blackie

Andrew Meyer

Anna Borgatti

Riccardo Di Tosto

Rob Hendrix

Matteo Lanzi

Jane Lee

Eugene Manko

Tim McMullen

Rahul Tibdewal

Luigi Venturi

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