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Employee Monitoring Actively Monitors Every Device on Your Network for Suspicious Activity and Generates Real-Time Alerts Based on Rules You Define.

Without an insider threat detection solution in place, your company is at risk for a serious data breach. From the Target credit card leak to the Ashley Madison saga, there are countless examples of people with privileged access taking down an organization from the inside.

Now there’s a simple solution you can deploy today. It’s called Employee Monitoring. This cloud-based employee monitoring software platform helps you stop insider threats before they do any damage to your company or IT network. Watch the video to learn more.

Your Online Intelligence Service

As an HR Manager you can be alerted to inappropriate digital behavior using Employee Monitoring employee monitoring software. With evidence in hand, you can then take action to increase employee productivity and stop insider threats as well as sexual harassment.

Employee Monitoring is cloud-based software that runs in the background on every computer you want to monitor. You simply set up rules for inappropriate or prohibited actions to trigger an alert so you’ll instantly be notified via email.

You can also set and receive alerts based on:

  • Keywords typed (eg: confidential)
  • Internet activity
  • File actions
  • SSN or credit card numbers
  • Machine activity
  • Printing

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Forensic HD
Video Evidence

Employee Monitoring’s live view feature lets you to see an employee’s desktop in real-time, allowing you to determine if they are being malicious – if so, you can stop them in their tracks. At the same time Employee Monitoring recordes HD video of every action your employees take, and stores it in the cloud, ensuring you have forensic evidence should it become necessary.

Employee MonitoringProtect Your Data.And Your Productivity.

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