Employee Monitoring: Your Best Defense
Against Data Theft

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Computer Monitoring Software: Get Real-Time Alerts for Unusual Computer Activity

A data breach can happen to any company, at anytime. Whether it’s a malicious attacker, a disgruntled former employee or a careless insider, no organization is immune.

That’s why you need workforce monitoring.

Employee Monitoring is cloud-based software that sends you real-time alerts for unusual computer activity. It also continuously records HD video for playback to help reduce audit costs and allows for remote access to improve support times.

Employee Monitoring Data Sheet

3 Tips for Legally and Ethically Monitoring Employees Online

Entrepreneur wrote an article on Employee Monitoring and why it's a necessity for any business along with some tips on ensuring its both legal and ethically done.

The Key Benefits:

Phishing Prevention

Prevents users from accidentally clicking on a malicious link stopping malware in its tracks irrespective of the vector – email, Skype, attachments, websites, Slack, etc.

Insider Threat Detection

Stop data theft with real time alerts based on defined keywords, file actions, special formats such as SSN or credit card number, and unauthorized privilege change

Usage Analysis

Detailed analysis of application usage, web browsing, printing, etc. as well as time and length of usage

Forensic Evidence

Full video recording and keyword searching of each device in case you need to review and analyze


Full remote control capabilities of the end point to correct device related issues

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Pricing starts at just $20 per endpoint per month after the free trial.

Protect Your Company From Insider & External Threats

Employee Monitoring prevents users from clicking on malicious links helping you to stop malware in its tracks, irrespective of the platform (email, Skype, attachments, websites, Slack, etc.). It also alerts you to suspicious data transfers, data modification and low employee productivity.

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Checks, Balances  And Audit Savings

When it comes to protecting your organization from data threats, transparency is your key weapon. With Employee Monitoring you’ll always know exactly when and where a breach occurred thanks to its ability to record HD video of every action taken on a computer.

From an auditing perspective, this provides a clear and recognizable trail, reducing your third party auditing costs significantly.

Employee MonitoringProtect Your Data.And Your Productivity.

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Pricing starts at just $20 per endpoint per month after the free trial.

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