Employee Monitoring for Compliance & Insider Threat Detection

A data breach can happen to any company, at anytime.Whether it’s a malicious attacker, a disgruntled former employee, or a careless insider who causes the breach, no organization is immune to security threats. And no company—from the global enterprise to the smaller corporation—can ever be too secure.

That’s why we created Employee Monitoring, a cloud based safeguarding solution that goes far beyond employee monitoring. With Employee Monitoring, you can deter insider threats, protect your data and financial assets, reduce audit costs and maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI and SEC regulations.

Employee Monitoring Data Sheet

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The Key Benefits:

Review Activity

See detailed information about employee computer usage including time spent on specific websites and applications.

Record + Store

Record all user activity and store it in the cloud. Should an issue arise, you’ll have immediate access to forensic evidence.

Real-Time Alerts

Setup and receive real-time alerts based on keywords, file actions, special formats like SSN or credit card numbers, machine activity, web access and printing.


Search historically for any instance of a keyword that has been typed even if an alert wasn’t set up for that keyword at the time.

Protect Your Company From Insider & External Threats

Employee Monitoring prevents users from clicking on malicious links helping you to stop malware in its tracks, irrespective of the platform (email, Skype, attachments, websites, Slack, etc.). It also alerts you to suspicious data transfers, data modification, and low employee productivity.

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Checks, Balances  And Audit Savings

When it comes to protecting your organization from data threats, transparency is your key weapon. With Employee Monitoring you’ll always know exactly when and where a breach occurred thanks to its ability to record HD video of every action taken on a computer.

From an auditing perspective, this provides a clear and recognizable trail, reducing your third party auditing costs significantly.

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The Combat
Behind the Scenes

Far more powerful than simple keylogger software, Employee Monitoring runs in the background on every PC you want to monitor. You simply set up alerts for any kind of suspicious activity and Employee Monitoring goes to work. Should an issue arise, a real-time alert is triggered to ensure you can take action immediately.

Forensic HD Video Evidence

Employee Monitoring’s live view feature lets you see an employee’s desktop in real-time. At the same time, Employee Monitoring records HD video of every action your employees take, and stores it in the cloud, ensuring you have forensic evidence should it become necessary.

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Employee MonitoringProtect Your Data.And Your Productivity.

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Pricing starts at just $20 per endpoint per month after the free trial.

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