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The Pilixo Advantage:

The Pilixo framework instantly provides a host of powerful features including:

No Onsite Server

Pilixo maintains servers for you. There will be no need for you to buy additional servers or manage a VPN.

Manage Remote Clients

The Pilixo framework allows you to securely manage remote employees and devices.

Always Up To Date

Pilixo can push new features and updates to all users ensuring they get the most out of their software.

Guaranteed Uptime

99.99% guaranteed uptime ensures users have access wherever they have an internet connection.

REMO: The Fastest, Most Flexible & Affordable Remote Control.

Introducing Remo, never before has the world experienced convenience and flexibility like this. Our HTML5 based remote control works from iOS and Android, from any browser anywhere—without the need to install a viewer. Lightweight and affordable, you can easily utilize Remo as your primary or backup remote control.

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Bodi: Cloud-Based Insider Threat Detection & Prevention

Bodi is a complete end-point data security platform. The cloud-based software discreetly monitors your employee’s computers, notifies you in real-time of any suspicious activity and maintains a record for later use as forensic evidence if needed.

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The Benefits of Bodi

  • Phishing Prevention: stop malware in its tracks.
  • Insider Threat Detection: get alerts based on suspicious activity.
  • Usage Analysis: review app usage, web browsing, printing, etc.
  • Forensic Evidence: watch full HD screen recordings.
  • Remediation: use remote control capabilities for tech support.
  • Improved Productivity: be aware of any wasted time.

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Singled Out for Speed and Reliability

Designed for single-time use, Remo Assist is better, faster, and less expensive than anything on the market. Access from any browser. Connect in seconds. All it takes is one time to improve your end user experience.

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